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International Law

The firm represents public and private clients on international law issues. The firm has an active practice in defending sovereign nations against private party lawsuits and attempts to execute on sovereign property, as well as in enforcing judgments against foreign nations. In its most recent international engagement, the firm represented the Bolivian national telephone company and, in proceedings in New York and London, successfully overturned attachment orders seizing the telephone company’s assets, issued after it had been nationalized.  In representation of Cuba’s national telephone company, the firm successfully overturned the attempted garnishment of the telephone company’s assets to satisfy a judgment against the Republic of Cuba. (Alejandre v. Republic of Cuba, 183 F.3d 1277 (11th Cir. 1999)). The firm represented the Ukrainian space agency in defending against execution of an arbitration award based on a failed satellite launch, and the Republic of South Africa concerning the domain names and The firm represents and advises other sovereign and quasi-sovereign entities on issues of sovereignty and constitutional law. Members of the firm have represented foreign companies in contract negotiations with U.S. companies and in matters relating to their U.S. subsidiaries. The firm has an active practice in providing advice and obtaining licenses for transactions with countries subject to trading restrictions.

Mr. Gross was lead counsel and adviser to the Republic of Panama, its agencies and its Mission to the United Nations when the United States government froze all Panamanian assets. He has also represented a foreign telephone company in negotiating an underwater construction and maintenance agreement and telephone service agreement with AT&T; represented the Cuban Olympic Committee and Cuban television agency in the negotiations to sell the television rights to the Pan American Games; and participated in advising the African National Congress on the drafting of a post-apartheid constitution in South Africa. Mr. Belsky is the co-author of a frequently cited comment published in the California Law Review on suing foreign governments in U.S. courts for violations of international law.