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Constitutional Law

The firm represents individuals and companies on constitutional issues, primarily in the areas of free speech, police misconduct, freedom of religion, and due process. Recent highlights include representing two different photo-journalists in cases against the police concerning media access to and ability to cover breaking news events; representing a Stanford professor resisting subpoenas for private documents; providing pro bono representation to an internet journalist sued by Apple for trade secret misappropriation where the journalist was reporting newsworthy information lawfully obtained through normal newsgathering techniques; and representing individuals in police misconduct civil rights actions. Members of the firm served as lead counsel in a First Amendment and equal protection challenge to the large-scale relocation of Navajo elders from their ancestral homelands at Big Mountain, Arizona; represented the widow of Salvador Allende, the slain president of Chile, in the first successful challenge to the government’s ideological exclusion policy; represented Muslim inmates in a successful appeal in a religious discrimination case; and served as special counsel in criminal cases on constitutional issues such as double jeopardy and free speech. Clients include the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, the Bill of Rights Foundation, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.